Project Description

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2019)

Trash Diesel Engine Pump Case study at Italy Siena

There is more to Siena other than the beautiful walls and architecture of the buildings. Most of the city’s underground is covered by running tunnels of water system. The constant supply of water in houses is dependent on the underground systems. The amazing element about the water system is their durability and efficiency; pipes and tunnels have been laying there since the 12th century. The tunnel water supply system is popularly known as “Bottini.” Various tour companies organize guided trips in the tunnels for educational and adventure purposes. While the Bottinis are efficient, there are health risks as a result of flooding. Mix up of mud and any other kind of trash pose a threat to use of the water in homes.

The impact

Introduction of diesel engine pumps is on this basis. Earlier in the year, trash water treatment became an urgent need and there was no better way to handle the situation other than these pumps.

Water clogging is not only inconveniencing but unhealthy. Since their installation in May 20 2018, the diesel pumps have proved the best to handle trash because of their portability. The pumps are also easy to set up. You can move it several times in a day to clear up clogging in waterways.

Universal use

The diesel water pumps are available for both agricultural and industrial use. Their performance is dependent on elevation and length of the hose. The pumps have become popular in Siena because of their excellent fuel consumption. The pumps are also easy to clean out; durable aluminum also makes them durable.

Siena’s land orientation explains the constant clogging in the tunnels that lead to flooding. Different diesel engine pumps have been installed in different parts of the city to handle different debris. Siena’s water flow is now consistent due to the semi-trash, centrifugal, and diaphragm diesel pumps.

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