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(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Trailer mounted pumps shining in India

As a manufacturer of skid and trailer mounted diesel- driven pump, LIRAN Pump focuses on pumps that are powered by a trailer mounted . We started manufacturing trailer mounted pump in 2014 and have produced pumps that are capable of running worldwide in a wide range of applications. In fact, we recently supplied trailer mounted pump to Jaipur it has so far proven to be a very effective means of water supply.

Facts about our trailer mounted pumps

Here are interesting facts you should know about LIRAN trailer mounted pumps.
A mobile LIRAN pump always covers the whole performance measurement yardstick. This means the trailer mounted pump has sufficient power for each operating requirement. The engine and pump continuously run at top performance without becoming overload.
LIRAN Pumps works with different speed engines, permitting you to have the right pump speed for each job. Our pumps thus help you to avoid unnecessary wear and tear, save fuel and contribute to a cleaner environment.
We send out pumps to customers only after the trailer mounted pump has been certified safe for installation. This means that we put all factory guarantees in force so you can start using your pump without worries.
To prevent unnecessary engine damage and save cost, there is a need to always observe the filters, fuel requirements and maintenance interval given by the manufacturer. But the pumps driven by trailer mounted made by LIRAN were developed to last a significant period of time without service. This means LIRAN trailer mounted pumps can last up to 1500 hours before needing maintenance service.
All the diesel-powered powered engine pumps made by us come with a leak proof base. This prevents against spilling of fuel or oil in the environment during servicing or refueling.
Although the emission requirement for diesel-powered pump engines varied worldwide, LIRAN Pumps complies with international emission legislation and are complicate with pump requirement for several countries.

Application of LIRAN Pumps

Due to the effectiveness of our Pumps, several industries are making use of trailer mounted pumps to cater to their water needs. Below are few of the industries where our pumps are used.


Are you looking for pumps for civil engineering, construction or dredging industry? LIRAN Pumps supplies a wide range of pumps for the construction market. This comprises multifunctional waste water pumps and high heat pumps. Our pumps are robustly designed for use on the construction or civil engineering sites.


The demand for our diesel-powered engine pumps for pumping waste water in sewage stations and sewage treatment plants in urban areas is ever-increasing. More water boards, government agencies, and municipalities use LIRAN pumps for sewage bypass projects or during flood management.

Fire-fighting and Flood Control

LIRAN pumps makes pumps that can be used for fire-fighting and flood control in different models. All emergency pumps are designed with ease of movement in mind in case there is fire or flooding.


Applications of LIRAN pumps also include tank cleaning, pumping of waste water, cooling or water processing. We also supply fully certified pump sets for use in the chemical and petroleum industries.
There are varieties of trailer mounted pumps by LIRAN pumps that are specifically designed for application in different industries. The steel, drives, and frames can be customized to meet different challenging requirements of various industries.

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