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(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

High Volume Self-priming Pump Case Study at Indoneisa Malang

With climate changes, it almost seems normal to have so many floods around the world. However, up until now, we aren’t really prepared to deal with floods and to help rescue people in need. This is why we decided to manufacture the LRDZW Diesel Water Pump.

With a self-priming design, the LRDZW Diesel Engine-Driven Water Pump can be a great help when there are floods. We had the chance to use our pump in a flood resistance situation in Malang, Indonesia.

Back on May 20th this year, we were contacted to see if our diesel engine water pump could help. This was a one-time opportunity not only to help the local Malang authorities but also to help the entire population.

As soon as we arrived at Malang, we put our product in place. Since our diesel engine pump has the ability to not only dewater the normal water but also long fiber impurities and large particles, we knew it was the perfect solution. Besides, this pump is not only an energy-saver as it is also incredibly efficient. As you can imagine, it didn’t take a lot of time to help the Malang local authorities with the flood resistance.

One of the reasons why we opted to take the LRDZW diesel engine pump was the fact that it is portable making it very easy to maneuver. So, in this demanding situation, we knew that the LRDZW Diesel Water Pump would cover our back and help the Malang population.

While the LRDZW diesel engine pump worked very well in this terrible situation, the reality is that this pump is worth every cent. After all, it is incredibly versatile since it can be used for many different types of situations that can put people’s lives in danger.

Among the main applications of our LRDZW Diesel Water Pump can be divided into three categories: industrial, municipal, and construction. In case you work in the industrial area, you may need, at some point, to move solids entrained or even the supply for canals or wells that you need to have working well to continue with your operations. In terms of the municipal applications, you can definitely use the LRDZW Diesel Water Pump the same way it was used in Malang, Indonesia, in the late May. If you work or have a company in the construction area, you can also take advantage of our powerful diesel engine pump. After all, you can use the LRDZW Diesel Water Pump for pre-wet operations as well as for standby dewatering or even for canal bypass and filling water trucks.

Ultimately, the LRDZW diesel engine pump is one amazing machine that is worth to have. Able to work in the most demanding situations and scenarios, the LRDZW diesel engine pump is able to efficiently and effectively help.

With many different customizations to ensure that the LRDZW diesel engine pump is ready to help in every specific situation you need, this pump can even operate at 120ºF ambient.

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