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(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Mobile Self-priming Diesel Engine Pump Case Study at Brazil Natal

Pumps are very functional and popular tools,especially for industrial purposes. These are capable of forcing many types of fluid which includes water, oil,and fuel across pipes or containers. Most people might think of living in the wilderness when they hear about some diesel water pumps with the engine. However, these units can also help save lives and money when used in other situations. Let’s take a look at some of the applications of our unique pump.

Industrial farming

Industrial farming completes plant and grow thousands of acres of crops each year. Many of these locations are in areas where there is very little rainfall. Because the soil is so infertile, it becomes cost-effective to use diesel systems to pump in this liquid and supply these crops with the amount they need to produce fruits and vegetables that are very large. Our pump was recently sent to Brazil Natal for industrial water supply. It worked wonders for the industrial farmers as they were able to generate enough water for their farms.

During major disasters

Disaster relief programs arrive after such events as major tornadoes and earthquakes. At these locations, all forms of public utility services such as basic clean water are most likely destroyed by the forces of nature. Water is vital to maintaining life, and our diesel powered water pump can mean the difference between life and death in those situations. Water is essential for trapped victims until such times when they can be transported to relief camps.

Emergency rooms

Emergency medical rooms are found in more places than at hospitals. When there is a major fire at a large public facility, such as a multiplex theater or major mall, the injuries can easily reach into the hundreds. All city services to the facility are most often shut down to protect further loss of property or dangers of electrical shock. Triage is set up and needs water. As water is difficult to access during this period, our diesel engine water pump can be used to pump water.

Flood fighting

When the rains come, many towns especially those situated along the coaster lines get flooded. Lots of damages are done in properties and sometimes even loss of lives. The water remains in the towns for weeks thereby crippling all activities for the period. Our water pumps can be used to eject water from homes and offices in times of flooding. Water which will normally take weeks to recede will only take a few hours to pump out with our diesel engine water pump.

In conclusion, there are many situations and conditions where our diesel water pumps can be helpful. From growing commercially managed foods to watering livestock and assisting emergency medical teams, these units can make the difference in creature comforts.

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