Project Description

(Last Updated On: February 10, 2019)

Flooding Control Pumping Case Study at Canada Regina

Here at Liran, we have created a diesel engine pump that every town or city in the world can benefit from.  The best part about our pump is that we do not provide a one size fits all product.  Instead, we have different sized models, to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they need and want to do the job at hand.

We currently have six models and they all have different pump designs, water output, and intake and discharge sizes.  We can even customize each one with a preferred engine.  Our most often requested ones include Commins, Deutz, Perkins, Volvo, Shangchai, and Weichai.

We understand that not everyone believes that they need a diesel engine pump, especially if they have never experienced flooding in their region before.  However, our pump can be used to fight fires, keep the water flowing on farms for irrigation purposes, and much more.

Canada Regina asked us to send our pump up to them back in May of this year, because they had some major flooding in their streets.  They were a little skeptical if our diesel engine pump would fulfill their needs, but once they started using it, they were thrilled with the results!

They quickly got their new diesel engine pump set up and running right after receiving it and it didn’t take long to see the backlogged water from the street receding.  Of course, they had requested our pump with the maximum output, which is why they saw so much water removed so quickly.  If they had one of our smaller diesel engine pumps, they still would have seen the same results, but it would have taken a little longer.

Canada Regina will also be able to utilize our diesel engine pump for future fires or other emergency situations.  This one little, yet extremely important, machine can help save lives and buildings.

While it is true that all cities and towns need one of our diesel engine pumps, homeowners and business owners can benefit from them as well.  In fact, everyone should imagine not needing to worry about rising water in their basement or other parts of their home or building, because they simply own a diesel engine pump.

We know that every company says that their product is the best, but in our case, we have proof that our product works extremely well in numerous circumstances.  Everyone will want to see those results for themselves.

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