Project Description

(Last Updated On: February 9, 2019)

Mobile Tropical Diesel Water Pump Case Study at Nigeria Kano

Irrigation farming is expected to benefit immensely from the excellence that LIRAN trailer mounted diesel water Pumps represent. With the first usage, the result will be replicated across the entire country rapidly. LIRAN is making a huge impact in Kano, Nigeria which is the home of irrigation farming in the most populous country in Africa. Irrigation farming is deployed for planting rice, tomato, pepper, wheat, corn and other foods for local consumption in Kano, Nigeria. One of the six LIRAN industrial irrigation pump is being deployed in Kano, Nigeria.

For the very first time in the history of LIRAN trailer mounted diesel water Pumps, it is being used in Kano, Nigeria. A little information about Kano, Nigeria; it is one of the most populous in Nigeria with a population of not less than 12 5 million. In the area of agriculture and irrigation farming, Kano is a leading state of the 90 million hectares of land available for cultivation. With this figure, LIRAN Pump has made an in road into one of the agricultural hub of Nigeria. The LIRAN trailer mounted diesel water Pump was used by dry season farmers for the first time in Kano, Nigeria on May 27th 2017.

The use of LIRAN trailer mounted diesel water Pump was noted to be a success and this earned LIRAN Pumps accolades in this agricultural hub. For a state that purchases not less than 500 irrigation pumps annually for farmers, this will go a long way to assist farmers in Kano, Nigeria. It’s noteworthy that LIRAN Pumps will be part of the agrarian revolution that is expected in Nigeria in order to meet up with food shortage. For a company interested in ground breaking innovation targeted at the developing world, LIRAN’s impact will soon be felt across Kano, Nigeria and the entire African continent.

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