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(Last Updated On: February 10, 2019)

Agricultural Irrigation Pumping Case Study at Tanzania Tabora

It is with great delight that we write this post about our product –LIRAN diesel engine pump. Since its invention, we have witnessed an increase in sales and demand for our diesel engine pump. We confidently attribute the rise in demand to our outstanding product that offers unmatched quality and value.


The LIRAN diesel engine pump is a specially crafted industrial water pump with the capacity to serve developing and rural communities in every part of the world. It is perfect for large-scale irrigation in places hit by drought or water shortage which have disrupted agricultural activities. Water shortage is responsible for huge losses in the agricultural industry all over the world. Due to the absence of sophisticated equipment, it is difficult for farmers to predict weather changes. In such cases, sudden drought can cause damage to crops and huge losses. Thanks to our diesel engine pump, this situation can now be avoided.

The design

We designed our diesel engine pumps with particular features that make it easy to mount the pump on skids or trailers. This design feature was innovatively included after considering the nature and topography of areas where the diesel engine pump is needed. The ease at which it is mounted on skids or trailers provides unique economic and practical benefits. We can move, locate and install LIRAN diesel engine pumps in all locations regardless of the geographical features. This way, more people can enjoy the benefits of our products.

The Tanzanian Project

Let’s talk about the highlight of this post which has made the LIRAN team very happy. On 20, May 2018, we started a project in Tabora, Tanzania.

The job was to install and use our LIRAN diesel engine pump to provide a consistent water supply to areas in Tabora without electricity. It was a wonderful experience, and yet another chance to prove that everyone can depend on the industrial features of the LIRAN diesel engine pump to meet their needs regardless of location or the project type.

We attribute the outstanding success of the Tanzania project to our passion for designing and producing the best diesel engine pumps in the global market.

The manufacturing processes which involve designing, casting and welding are handled by specialists who have a strong passion for their tasks. All the members of our team are totally dedicated to becoming the best in their fields; it is this commitment to excellence that makes LIRAN diesel engine pump stand out from the rest in the market.

We strive to achieve a design that is stable and effective when installed. This makes it easy for our clients to use and manage the diesel engine pump with a little effort after the job is completed.

Professionally managed projects

Working with our team is so easy. Our clients in Tanzania were amazed at how effective it was to communicate with our team. We were able to understand their needs before starting the project. With this information, we focused on the details to ensure the diesel engine pump that was delivered met their specifications and matched the needed capacity.

Our professional approach to handling projects also involves the use of only authentic materials. We source our materials from trusted and certified suppliers with whom we have formed long-lasting business partnerships over the years.

We add more value to the benefits our clients get while working with us by scaling the project. This means, our engineers ensure that the diesel engine pump is designed to meet your exact needs so you can save costs.

What’s more, we are confident in the functionality of all LIRAN diesel engine pumps because they are tested for quality by highly reputable institutions with global standards.

In conclusion, we feel greatly honored to put smiles on the faces of hundreds of people in Tanzania. It is a great experience to witness these people getting value from our diesel engine pumps. This project has been a ‘promise fulfilled’ for our team, and we look forward to many more projects where even more success can be achieved.

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