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People can copy what we’ve done, but they can’t copy what we are going to do. The best part of LIRAN is endless innovation ability according to the developing market.

When our first large diesel pump was sold with following incredible feedback in 2014, we both knew LIRAN was ready for a decent size slice of pie. Today we still remember the anxiety from Isaac who is a engineer in Nigeria. He worked for local agriculture department and his boss asked Isaac to find a machine which could solve the lasting drought issue in one of the farms.

He even forgot how many companies he had talked with when he received our offer. Many suppliers suggest him to use mobile diesel water pump with trailer. Because it is a big oval pool, a mobile type pump seemed helpful to move water from one place to another. But Isaac could not completely agree on them due to his instinct. This is also why he didn’t give up searching and finally found us. After asking all the questions about the site, we told Issac “ Please use skid type and put it on the boat. It could be more stable and effective. Mobile type could be only used with fixed inlet position. And the pipe length and weight should be considered as well”. Then we spent 3 days on this diesel pump’s design and production. A new machine with vacuum auxiliary was delivered to Nigeria before long.

LIRAN is more like a family member who choose to listen carefully first and then exchange the thoughts. People, like Issac, buying things is because things have value. LIRAN  pay more attention to every diesel pump’s production process in which the value appears. The more information we could grasp from our communication, the more value we could create.

Let’s keep the ball rolling if you are interested.

Our Process

You will see the whole process of working with LIRAN

We also show each step of making our products for your review

Please kindly let us know if you have any question for each step below

LIRAN will be always with you

trailer diesel pump

I. Solution Confirmed

  • Your inquiry or message will be checked on details within 2 hours.
  • Our engineers will analyze the application and user needs.
  • Our sales will reply you with specific solution and some questions.
  • After you confirmed, we will provide you final solution or quotation.
trailer diesel pump

II. Purchasing Material

  • Raw material is bought from our long-time cooperated supplier.
  • In case we got instrument to verify the authenticity.
  • For required special material, we make experiments to test its availability.
  • And you will receive a complete material analysis report for the product.
trailer diesel pump

III. Casting Proceed

  • We owned most of the pump mould in the market.
  • Easily meet your specification requirement.
  • Constant innovation for pump structure and material.
  • And with advanced casting technology, pump could show strong performance.
trailer diesel pump

IV. Precision Machining

  • Endlessly research on each part’s precision.
  • Make flexible changes according to specific working condition.
  • Devote to balancing the volume, weight and quality.
trailer diesel pump

V. Assembling

  • We pay more attention to every component’s function.
  • Make sure every part could work in its best condition.
  • Good basement will save your time and money.
trailer diesel pump

VI. Paint Spraying

  • Blue, red and yellow is often used for paint spraying.
  • We also provide other custom colors for your review.
trailer diesel pump

VII. Testing 

  • Every diesel pump is tested by authorized institute.
  • Even if it is huge we won’t leave any product out.
  • Testing report will be sent after the performance reach the standard.
trailer diesel pump

VIII. Packaging

  • We usually provide 2 kinds of packaging ways.
  • Wrap film or Wodden case
  • Each way is used to protect products from hitting.

Our Merits

This is not a part of showing off
It is all about how we make us better
Merits won’t lead us success, but you will

24/7 hours Service

Professional Team

Any specific problem will be solved by our team.

Every inquiry will be replied within 2 hours

trailer diesel pump


Design Ability

We could provide customized design to meet your needs. (OEM/ODM)

Also accept specified Engine Brand, Product Color, Auxiliary, Accessory etc.

trailer diesel pump

Competitive Price

Every Step Involved

To make the product perfect, we must control the whole supplier chain.

We will be very happy if you could create more value with our products.

trailer diesel pump

Fast Delivery

Production Capacity

3 casting workshops, 3 assembling workshops

More than 200 large units finished per month

trailer diesel pump

Quality Control

International Standard

Strictly comply with European Production Standard

Every step have to be tested by our management.

trailer diesel pump

Secure Transportation

Authorized Forwarder Endorsement

Work with Authorized Forwarder by Government Custom

Great Relation with Shipping Company and Port

trailer diesel pump

Meet Our Team

5 Top designers mentioned in our homepage didn’t leave their images on our website because they prefer to promote the products they make rather than themselves. And there are too many workers who could not be shown here due to space limitation. We hereby appreciate their efforts in each link of the production. The following page is part of our members in sales department. Most of people have more than 5 years of international trade experience. They will face you directly and give you prompt reply as per your request.

Mars Chou
Mars ChouProduct Manager
Daniel Lin
Daniel LinGeneral Engineer
Apple Lee
Apple LeeKey Account Manager
Crystal Lee
Crystal LeeSales Manager
Mandy Liu
Mandy LiuSales Rep. (South East Asia Area)
Moon Wang
Moon WangSales Rep. (European Area)
Edison Zhang
Edison ZhangSales Rep. (Americas Area)
Selina Li
Selina LiSales Rep. (Africa Area)


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